Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome back!

I'm online on blog spot after so many days..phew! Finally I'm back...missed my blogspot a lot!
It was such a hectic week.Such a busy schedule and obviously a new experience.
I was busy in attending my cousin brother's marriage.Well I don't really know if you all are aware of Indian marriages or not.In Indian marriages there a loads of ceremonies that makes your whole week booked that you cannot do anything else except attending those ceremonies.
Some of the ceremonies that I know are :

1. Mata ki Chowki ( Worshiping God for the good future of the couple getting married )

2. Dholki (Dancing and singing...enjoying because its your relative's marriage)

3. Sagan (In this function we give money and gifts in the form of blessings to the couple getting married.In this ceremony the bride and the groom exchange rings)

4. Mehendi ( Making your hands look beautiful by making designs by using mehendi )

5. Ruthna Manana ( It is a very old function and nowadays no one celebrates this this function we   make the groom ready to marry the bride)

6. Haldi (Haldi is used in many ways like in food etc..but here haldi is used to apply on the grooms and brides face because it is believed that on applying haldi the face of the groom and bride glows and makes them look more beautiful together)

7. Shaadi ( The wedding day! )

8. Reception (On this day everyone meets the newly married couple and gives them blessings)
                                             The Indian reception decoration

Well it's not necessary that all of these ceremonies are to be enjoyed and organized.It completely depends on the family that how much money they want to spend on the marriage.
So I guess all of you must be getting to know how much busy I was and why I was not posting anything on my blog :)


  1. Glad to have you back. Wow! The wedding looks fun. I like your tattoo.

    The Girlie Blog

  2. I was wondering where you went lol. Thought you gave up on blogging lol. Nice pictures btw. I went to an Indian wedding one for my good good friend back in California. I live in an area that was predominantly occupied by people from India.

    Let me tell you, western weddings suck big time in compassion. You guys know how to celebrate a union lol.

    I wish I went to another one :(

    1. Nope I'm not gonna quit blogging :D thanks for the concern lol..good to know some people were thinking of my posts...Indian marriages are tiring I use to think that western marriages are short as compared to Indian marriages! whole week I was wondering that what tpe of marriage should I organise for myself...Indian or church! lol :D

  3. Great pics and yeah always nice to return to the blogging world.

  4. You just relived the spirit of marriages totally!
    Welcome back by the way..:)

    1. hehe yeah..thanks...but missed you...where were you??

  5. Great post. I like how neatly you summarized everything with pictures. I love attending weddings!

  6. everything sounds very interesting, It's great to hear about traditions from other parts of the world.Thanks

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