Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One and a Half...

It's been almost more than a year, I have not been writing anything over here. I used to visit my blog once in evey month and at every visit I felt like I should start writing now.

I used to think that I should write my heart out even if it's about all the pain that I've gone through. The worst pain that anyone can go through is the pain of being misunderstood by your loved ones. I felt like I should write my heart out even if it's about all the happiness that I received and shared. But the pain, struggle and all the sadness was much more as compared to those happy moments, it made me think like how can I describe all that pain in words. I tried sharing it with few, but it's impossible to make someone understand that how painful situation it was for me. But there were two who were always there to cheer me up.

I'm still not able to forget those days.

But after an year, came few happy moments. I received so much love and care and I'm still receiving it and I'm loving it !!

I wish those happy moments to be there with me forever. I wish that the love and care that I'm getting now never ends.

Finally, today I felt like I should write now. Don't know when I'll post again, but today I feel like I'm the luckiest of all. Everything happens for a reason and life goes on. Once you figure out why all that happened, you will never ever feel that pain you used to feel, when you were alone.

Happy reading everyone, enjoy !!! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friends :))


I don't know what happened but something just made me click the Facebook Group "F.R.I.E.N.D.S". Don't know the exact reason behind it,maybe it was because there was too much was going on within me and my friends that it made me look into the past moments and just smile like an idiot while looking at those clicks and videos.

After looking at those pictures and videos it made me realize that we all lived so many happy moments together and some sour ones too.Looking at everything brought tears in my eyes.I watched all the videos and each album again and tried my best to live those moments again.

At this point of time,looking at what everyone is going through,some are enjoying and some are lost in their own.It makes me feel that at whatever phase we all are standing at the moment,whether we are happy with each others presence in our lives or not,none of us can forget the moments that we shared.Let it be any moment,happy or sad,it was surely something that we all lived together and it will stay within us all the time no matter how much busy we will be in our own life.

                                                         Well, it appears as if I was present everywhere ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Monsters inside me !!!

It's not about me
It is actually the name of a new series that I watched previous week on Discovery science and was interested in sharing it with all of you about it.The series is about how numerous small parasites or various infections can affect us badly if not detected in time.This episode was about Face Eating Parasites.

So the episode starts with a guy named Adam Spencer who was on an amazon trip(don't remember exactly) with his girlfriend .They were heading towards Bolivia through Peruvian amazon.

They were enjoying the trip and were so happy.That guy proposed her and they were about to get married after this whole trip.

One night,Adam noticed some kind of small pimple on his face while washing his face.It is a normal thing so he did not worried about it and moved on.As days passed that thing got even worse.They both thought it is some kind of infection so Adam applied some antibiotic ointment on that area.

Day by day it got worse.They consulted some doctor who gave antibiotic injection learning that it was some kind of infection.Even after the injection the skin disease was still the same.They went to some other hospital and talked to a skin specialist.He cleaned the area and took a part of it and sent it for culture.After reading the culture reports they get to know that it was leishmaniasis which is a one cell parasite that damages soft tissues of neck,nose and mouth.
                                                                         Leishmania Life Cycle

It is transmitted by the bite of certain species of sand fly found in tropical forests.

So, it was quite obvious how Adam Spencer got affected by it.He was treated with Amphotericin b intravenous therapy for about 20 days.It got cured.But still patch remained and there was no solution for it.

So from this post what I learned is that whenever you go for a trip at any place make sure you do a lot of research about it.Let it be,what kind of diseases you could get infected with ?
Is there any need of any kind of injections you need to take before going over there?

So you really need to take care of yourselves while you are out!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Where you stand ?

Whether it is school or college, you make so many friends. Some are just random ones but some are close...really close! When holidays are about to come you all together plan so many outings. We will go here...we will go there etc.

When holidays start everyone is just messed up in their own lives (that includes me too!). Well, that's obvious because you also have your own life, you own issues. You can't just be available 24*7!  

You can't talk to everyone every day. That's not possible! It's not because you are busy or maybe you are. According to me it's just you don't have much to talk about and this reason is quite an understandable one.

The point when you really get worried or should get worried is when you are not been called up for weeks!

A relation can sustain only when both the sides work hard to make it live up. If only one side is bothered then there is no use of banging your head to make it work. Sometimes the feelings are not mutual; we are 5 girls out of which 2 are just living in their own worlds. The one's who use to make so many plans are the one's who have hidden themselves in their shelves. Funny!

I'm not complaining. This thing really makes me laugh at times. I'm just experiencing and trying to understand that relations are just so unpredictable. You never know who is or will be in touch with you all the time.

Well everyone knows that yeah no one is going to be with you all the time till you die. Still, at least when you are with each other or say studying together in same class, calling yourself a group of 5 girls you should at least message once in a week or two to make sure that everything is going good or not.

Ppphheewww!!! There is still a lot more to learn.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Time for some Laserpop !!!

Its Game time!!!
My friend Dalmi Bindra developed a game named "Laserpop" and wants all of you to play it and enjoy! It is a laser shooting game.
You can aim the target and shoot it with the laser. Use mouse to move the laser beam and click to shoot!

I Hope you'll enjoy playing it and do suggest making it better! 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Write it with...

Many bloggers around and there is so much to read.But what kind of writing usually attracts others to comment on your post and and moreover makes them follow your blog?

Whatever you post might be irrelevant or might be about some useful topic or just be about some random thought.It's not always about what you write.It can be anything.The point is how much you get into it while writing it out!

What I usually observe when I post, is that, if I post something I am very much happy about then while writing it out all my happiness reflects in it and if I'm sad and angry my post reflects this too.Readers can feel my anger or my happiness through whatever I write.Well sometimes it gets reflected on a wide range ...I'm usually not that much angry.But while writing I guess everything hidden in you just comes out.Maybe I should consider it as positive thing...or not  

Whatever the point is,the moral is...write anything but whatever you write be it with feelings! It makes easy for the readers to get connected with you or say the burden gets off of your shoulders just by sharing it truly!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Annoyed !!!

At some situations you really get annoyed and feel like " aaarrggghhh just leave me alone !!!!".

For the past few days I'm feeling the same.That's just not because of some one particular reason or some kind of appears as if everyone is after me testing my patience !

First of all, my blog just got filled with spam comments in my absence and that too about 100.After months when I logged in before posting anything or checking out anyone's profile I cleaned up my blog by deleting those rubbish comments.Don't have any idea how this all just started.It is written in such a way that anyone can easily figure out that it is spam.

 One such spam comment I read on my blog !

Then the Facebook status update...well this problem must be with everyone that you cannot update what you really want, maybe because of the relatives you have added in your friends list you don't feel free to write because they care so much about what you are upto and what is going on in your life .Well that's not really a problem anymore because you can customize your status update as per your wish. 
The real problem comes when you update your status and everybody comments on it asking, "What happened?" as if you really care! When you don't bother about my life on daily basis then you don't have the right to ask anything when I am in some kind of problem.I mean, how can you expect that I will tell you what I am suffering from when you don't talk to me at all.Suddenly everyone becomes so concerned as if I am the most important person in your life and you will do every possible thing to make me happy.So please,mind your own business !!!  

My last complaint...

What you give is what you expect in return.That's quite obvious, isn't it?
You care...and the other person says the same.But the fact is you have to show that you really do! You share your each and every thought.You tell what's going on and that other person just listens to you and when you ask the same to them they just say "nothing" ... and then after some days you get to know something nice happened to them.
Well,yes! I am happy for whatever happened but don't you really think instead of hearing this good news from some other source you should have told me this before! Is it that you are not really interested in having some conversation or is it that you don't really want to share ?
Just got fed up with this now.So when you really want to have some talk you can message me I will be there because complaining the same thing again and again and reading all the replies doesn't make any sense to me now.Being your closest friend I don't really think that I am demanding too much that you can't fulfill. 
I hope I have made the right decision! (Readers advice is always welcomed,feel free to write if I am wrong in any way  )