Monday, July 30, 2012

The Movie got cursed !

HBO (Home Box Office) India made whole India angry by there mistake they committed on Saturday 1pm. Though when I remember about that now I laugh but at that moment it was like "wtf"!
HBO was about to show "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (Part-1) at 1pm as well as at 9pm. Actually it was the premier !

Everyone was eagerly waiting for the premier,you could easily see that on "HBO India" fan page ! Everyone was posting and everyone was excited about the premier.

Clock struck 12:55pm and I switched on my TV ...switched to channel HBO and sat down the couch waiting for it to start.

Clock struck 1pm happy...but wait...what is wrong with the movie?????
The video was way fast than the audio !!!!!
It appeared as the video was been set to fast forward mode and audio was been played normally!

That was the shocking moment...

Premier of "Harry Potter" and it all got ruined. Was waiting eagerly for the movie when I learned that it was about to be telecast on HBO at 1pm and 9pm on Saturday.Sat in front of the TV all ready to watch and the movie got screwed!!!

But still I was watching it in the hope that guys over there will restart the movie after advertisement and everything will be all right because it was some problem over there that created disrupted transmission of the movie.So I was waiting and waiting...

Advertisement over but movie was not been restarted ..the same problem was coming and they obviously could not fix it in that time.So I just switched off the TV and logged in on Facebook and checked the HBO India fan page.

The whole Fan page was full of comments regarding the movie.Everyone was commenting  "Fix it" "Fix it" "Fix it" !!!!

Some of the funniest comments I read were...

"Guess Voldemort is running the show on HBO India now"

"Looks like bad guys using spells on show :P "


"Reparo! NOW. "

"Screw you HBO...wait till i get a wand....i'l avada kedavra your sorry arses"

"Muvi of the month. LOL"

"Aveda kedavara to you hboindia"

"Technically HBO has been hit by Death Eaters it seems ... need a wand to rectify it... guys cmon take a break & rectify the prob"

"Are you guys asleep? Or have the death eaters hit you?"

The fast forward movie ended within one hour and "The phenomenon" Movie started!

After 361 comments HBO guys replied on the fan page...

"SOS! There has been a terrible snag, causing disrupted transmission of our dear Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - I.

Please bear with us as we rectify this problem. We'll make it up to you, promise! "

 Finally after few hours a positive reply came from them...

"The spell is over and all voodoos are gone!

Yes, We're back... with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part -1! Catch it tonight at 9pm on HBO India.

Thanks for being with us :) "

So then after all this I sat on the couch again at 9pm but fingers crossed and the movie was played awesomely without and disruptions and problems and enjoyed it fully :)



  1. There is nothing worse than a movie out of lip sync! Even if it's a single song video, it spoils the whole enjoyment!

    Trust HBO to be so lax about it, but it sounds like you enjoyed it anyway!

    1. Yeah its repeat telecast was scheduled on 9m that day watched it at that time :)

  2. Every time the audio and video get out of sync, the whole thing just becomes unbearable. So I understand the frustration. It's happened to me and I've just stopped watching the show/movie because of it.

    Also, gotta hand it to the people on the fan site. They got real clever with how they expressed their frustration.

    1. Yeah..they expressed there frustration in such a non offensive way !
      really commendable...


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