Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just being random!!!

This week was real fun !
First time attended a freshers party enjoyed fully and also realized the hidden "me" in every context I could think of !
Whether it be the looks,the dance and all the fun I had...
Hoping to attend next year too :)

Realized that some of my posts are so nice that some of my friends ... uummmm not actually some of my friends but yeah one of my dearest friend "Chahit Kumar" cares to click on "Recommend this on Google" whenever he finds even a single post of mine appealing !
Actually noticed this few days ago so Chahit Kumar ...welcome ;)
This "welcome" philosophy instead of thank you :) has been introduced by Chahit himself that i follow most of the time specially when I am having a chat with him.

Today I noticed a new feature related with sharing on this blogging place.Well its also provided at  the end of each post but now you can also share your whole blog.That nice thing been added !

Nothing else popping out at this point so ending my post here only...take care fellas :)


  1. Haha! Freshers are super fun,unless drinks are involved. Lol. You reminded me of my experience!
    Have fun! :)


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