Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday ....Monday!!!

These two days were like experiencing new and exciting things that I will never ever experience again!
I spent my Sunday with my school friends . Outing was fun. This fun was quite unexpected because it had been almost 2 years since I met my Friends.

I was thinking that everyone will be quite but everyone was having fun like anything.Loved this outing a lot.Clicked so many pics...ate so much...roamed around at many places ...truly unforgettable moments!

Monday was a very special day.I was working in Air India office as a Trainee.It was quite an exciting experience.Roaming around in the office...taking details for my project report....studying the topic with full concentration and obviously having a little chit chat with new friends in the office canteen.

Also realized that making a project report is not easy.First you will think its just a "report" but in real its like you are writing kind of a book or something.In report you are just writing ...writing...writing!!!

These two days were very cool and I enjoyed fully :) Hope I get to live more exciting moments like these ...


Thank you for the visit :)