Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review !

I'm giving my review for the first time.That too on a book named "I too had a Love Story".
A nice love story written by Ravinder Singh. A story based on his love life.
A very impressive and bold step taken by him because its not easy to write exactly that occurs in your life !
The lines that really made me feel were...

     "Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love.
            Some are born , just to experience the abbreviation of it"

        "Tere jaane ka asar kuch aisa hua mujh par , 
                     tujhe dhoondate dhoondate , maine khud ko paa liya..." 

The second thought is written in Hindi Language. It's English version is :

     "You did something to the effect on me, looking all over you I got myself"

Very nice lines !!!!

This book has become quite famous and has become a "National Bestseller". 

Though personally I really didn't felt comfortable in reading the whole book. From where the writer started going much much deeper and started telling the phone conversations that he used to had with his girlfriend really made me feel like "This is very personal and should not be shared".
I really don't know if it was really not to be written or I was taking it quite personally !
I don't know but if I have a boyfriend I will really not allow him to put up something that personal.
I mean in everyday life no boyfriend/girlfriend is that much open to tell everyone what they had talked or what they messaged each other ,obviously that's something very personal !

So,when you don't have the courage to make some one read you're highly personal messages I guess you also don't have the right to read someones highly personal phone conversations!
But obviously that's my point of thinking I really don't know what others think about this! 

I don't share my personal life with everyone. It depends on the topic that I want to share and with whom I want to share.So that's why I think if I don't have the courage of putting my thoughts in front of everyone I really don't have the right to get into a very personal thought of anyone else!

Apart from all this book is very nice and the writer has guts to put up what actually he experienced. Hats off for this!
A book with a sweet start but a sad end !!!

And I really don't know but something is wrong with the font in whatever that's written below the picture !


  1. I have read this book too..
    it is sweet! :)
    for the personal messages thingie..i agree!
    the author really had guts to publicize it at this level!
    but somewhere touched me...and actually did make me cry at the end!

  2. all the best for doing more book reviews!!

    1. well I usually prefer reading goosebumps,famous five,secret seven etc ! lets see I can write or not!

  3. I agree on this, I don't think I could put my personal shiz out there for the world to read. I'm not very personal though, with boyfriends and stuff, I guess I'm a prude. I'd be interested in checking this one out, just because I guess! :) Thanks for the review. Hope you're weekend was good! :)


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