Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Where you stand ?

Whether it is school or college, you make so many friends. Some are just random ones but some are close...really close! When holidays are about to come you all together plan so many outings. We will go here...we will go there etc.

When holidays start everyone is just messed up in their own lives (that includes me too!). Well, that's obvious because you also have your own life, you own issues. You can't just be available 24*7!  

You can't talk to everyone every day. That's not possible! It's not because you are busy or maybe you are. According to me it's just you don't have much to talk about and this reason is quite an understandable one.

The point when you really get worried or should get worried is when you are not been called up for weeks!

A relation can sustain only when both the sides work hard to make it live up. If only one side is bothered then there is no use of banging your head to make it work. Sometimes the feelings are not mutual; we are 5 girls out of which 2 are just living in their own worlds. The one's who use to make so many plans are the one's who have hidden themselves in their shelves. Funny!

I'm not complaining. This thing really makes me laugh at times. I'm just experiencing and trying to understand that relations are just so unpredictable. You never know who is or will be in touch with you all the time.

Well everyone knows that yeah no one is going to be with you all the time till you die. Still, at least when you are with each other or say studying together in same class, calling yourself a group of 5 girls you should at least message once in a week or two to make sure that everything is going good or not.

Ppphheewww!!! There is still a lot more to learn.



  1. You make friends& you loose friends. But the best ones usually don't disappear even if you don't have contact for a little while.

  2. friends are treasure of a teenage

  3. I only make an effort to keep in touch with the ones that are willing to make the effort to keep in touch with me. They're the ones that are worth it.

  4. nice post..:) our friends truly show us where we stand...


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