Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Friends :))


I don't know what happened but something just made me click the Facebook Group "F.R.I.E.N.D.S". Don't know the exact reason behind it,maybe it was because there was too much was going on within me and my friends that it made me look into the past moments and just smile like an idiot while looking at those clicks and videos.

After looking at those pictures and videos it made me realize that we all lived so many happy moments together and some sour ones too.Looking at everything brought tears in my eyes.I watched all the videos and each album again and tried my best to live those moments again.

At this point of time,looking at what everyone is going through,some are enjoying and some are lost in their own.It makes me feel that at whatever phase we all are standing at the moment,whether we are happy with each others presence in our lives or not,none of us can forget the moments that we shared.Let it be any moment,happy or sad,it was surely something that we all lived together and it will stay within us all the time no matter how much busy we will be in our own life.

                                                         Well, it appears as if I was present everywhere ;)


  1. Very true....amd if it wasn't for the photos I'd have a hard time remembering those moments.

  2. Awesome blog!!!
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  3. A Very Happy New Year to You...I love reading your blog...So keep Writing stuff...God Bless You...:):)
    Have a Wonderful Year ahead...<3<3

    1. Thanks...m back :) Happy Reading !!!


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