Friday, February 3, 2012

So true !!!

I use Facebook almost everyday and find lots of interesting stuff that I find true and just wanted to share with you all ... hope you all do also find it true as I do :)


Whenever I download something firstly I try to search it on the links and find download sign everywhere !!! Well it not happens all the time but whenever it happens I fell so irritated and if I am on my mobile then it sucks even more!!!


LOL! I don't think so anyone remembers the order of its color.Maybe some but majority ...obviously NO!


This happens with me all the they lie all the time! After knowing their results I feel like killing them!


Well this happened only once when I was giving chemistry exam...well it was of 60 marks and whatever I studied not even a single topic came and I was completely speechless...well not only me actually the whole class was speechless.But teacher knew us well that how well we study so our internal marks were not affected!

This happens with me all the time! Well its not necessary that whatever you have learned,you will remember it lifelong .But whenever it happens ...I feel so embarrassed!


 This used to happen when I was a kid! lol ...I don't think so that I really need to explain this!

There are so many more pics that I want to share but it will turn to such a long post! So I am stopping this here...
Do forgive for the grammatical mistakes..because I think I have made some! :D


  1. haha very true, I don't remember the order either.

  2. Lol the pics speak truth! I did the car thing A LOT as a kid. The ones for school, yeah omg all the time. I dont know the google colors for the download, yeah its all fake to trick you to clicking. All ads. Hate it.


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