Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I wonder..

When holidays are there and you have nothing to do you start thinking stupid stuff just to pass out your time. I do this but not for the whole day :D
Otherwise people will think you're mad !!!
LOL :o

When I got to know about this blogging stuff I was in 10th class I guess.Actually after 10th I started using internet regularly so that was the class when I actually explored internet.
When I got to know about this blogging stuff "I wonder" what people use to write? I checked out few blogs and found it really boring but still I made my own blog when I was in 11th class. I don't remember the website where I blogged at first.But while blogging for the first time I realized that I was not writing by heart it was like its a formality so I stopped !
But now I am amazed what I used to hate doing before I love doing that now! After my schooling I finally started blogging by heart and enjoy reading everyone's else posts too.
Its fun!

Now the second thing "I wonder" is blogger has started new thing "reply" stuff ! Now you can easily reply to all the respective comments. Actually I know this feature started out quite early and I'm telling you a very old thing but that is not the point!
The point is "I wonder" that someone comments and you reply but does that person visits back to read your reply?
I surely come back to read if the admin has replied or not!
But still I think do people come back to check out what I've replied and I think the answer is "No". But still I reply  ...

The last thing "I wonder" related to this blog stuff is that how come my post Happy b'day to me :))  has become the most popular post on my blog? I mean there so many posts that I have posted that are more serious or funny than this. Never expected that such a random post will become so popular!
But later on I found out that my pic in this posts gets showed in Google images when someone searches for something related to cake or b'day so if the person clicks on the pic it leads that person to the post in my blog.So I guess that's how this post became so popular despite of any specific reason and I guess you all must be knowing about this Google stuff that I just wrote.

So that's what "I wonder" :D


  1. haha..well gt ntn to say but yeah...
    feeling is mutual! ;)

  2. I need to find this template with the "reply" option. Mine doesn't have it and it makes me mad!

    1. You may need to check your blog settings for this! Or you have to change your template and apply for the ones provided by the blogger!
      I really miss your replies! :(


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