Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Confusing !!!

Relationships are no more confusing than chemical equations in chemistry !
Its so confusing to actually figure out what one actually thinks of you or feels for you.Sometimes its like you are a world to them and sometimes they behave like you're nothing !
Sometimes its like you are so much important for them and sometimes its like "who are you?"
This irritates you a lot ...

You care for them so much  that you tend to lose you're importance that you you used to had in their eyes!
According to me the result of this should be that the person should stop caring to make that other person realize that what they have lost or about to lose!


  1. I think it's all about communication, cutting them off and making them feel bad about losing you doesn't seem like the right path. But who am I to say, just love them and don't stop. People are strange.

    1. little ignorance makes them come back in line for sure...everything is fine now


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