Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enjoying Compliments :)

I am not really comfortable in sharing my posts with everyone.But few days back when "Mega Pool Campus" thing was going on I shared my views over here and my friend Chahit shared two of my posts  Phewww!!! and  Just being random!!! (unexpected). It was quite surprising that some one will do such a favor for me.Just to increase views on my blog Chahit helped me by sharing posts he thought that were worth sharing :). This made me very happy because after this I got so many compliments for my blog.My blog was praised so much I was thinking "Why the hell I'm so scared of sharing my posts with everyone?" :D
Thanks Chahit for this...oooppssss !!! (Now don't dare you get angry on this :p)
Welcome Chahit ;)

I got so many views that day and that not only on one post but many other posts as well.
Everyone said "Yeah,nice post" .
But two of my friends gave me the best compliment that I never I thought I will ever get.Thanks Gunjan Ahuja and Dalmi Bindra.
"Nice post...nice blog...enjoyed looking at it." complimented by Gunjan Ahuja.
Dalmi Bindra was like..
"Seriously your blog is very impressive"
"You should think of considering writing as your carrier"
"You should become a writer"

Even I'm thinking about this.Hope I get some chance for this.Lets see.

Last but not the least...I would like to thank Saranya Shankar a lot.She had been encouraging me a lot when I started blogging.I guess she was the only one among my friends who used to read my posts.I can never forget her for this.If she had never encouraged me all this would have never ever happened. :)


  1. Always a plus to have awesome and supportive friends like those. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks :)
    Even I'm glad to have such friends :)
    missed your comments...where were you??

  3. ab sahi h.. :D bt ek aur galti h "thanks" word shayd hmari dictionary me ni tha... :p

    1. tbhi toh ooopppssss likh ke welcome bola lallu :p

  4. Well good for you :) It was compliments that helped keep me going when it came to it, and it was the people who kind of pushed me into exploring writing, and I generally get good feedback on what I write. Having said that do be careful who you share your blog with in real life. There are several things I feel I can't write about because the people in my life might read it.

    1. Yeah as now its been getting shared on Facebook I'm thinking of writing out my heart more carefully...
      As this is the only place where I can share almost everything...Hope my freedom doesn't end over here!

  5. One of the best things about blogger is the people I meet. Without the help and support of my blogger friends my blog would never have grown like it has.

    I wish you the best success in your writing and just get out there and say hello to people and they will welcome you.

    1. Yeah appreciation from the followers makes you write even more :)


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