Friday, November 2, 2012

Time to Rise and Shine !!!

Thought of participating in a blog marathon.An event organized by VIPS Spandan 2012 ie  Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies Spandan 2012. So here was my blog post or say an article that I sent them :
                                             Time to Rise and Shine 

No doubt that everyone has some kind of talent hidden within them.Some are able to figure it out early and live up their dreams whereas some are quite lazy to recognize and just move on to some random path they feel like is right for them.
Some are interested in blogging,some express their words through photography and not to forget Pankanj Bhadouria the winner of MasterChef India season 1 who showed as well as expressed her talent through cooking and the list goes on and on.
Now a days various fields have been introduced through which one can show what they have within them and what they are capable of.Social Networking sites have given a big contribution when it comes to expressing your talent.Various competitions being introduced specially through Facebook has encouraged a lot of people to participate and give their best.
VIPS Spandan 2012 is one such event of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies who is encouraging people to participate in various fields being organized to make them show their talent and enlighten themselves up.Various online as well as offline events such as Online Photography Contest,Online Poster Making Contest,Blog Marathon,Band Wars etc are being currently organized.
So in the end it all comes up to you.If you have it within you whether it is dancing,singing,blogging or photography etc don't forget to show it up because you never know your work might be the best of all which will make you shine and give you an opportunity to make it large!

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  1. That does sound like a pretty cool event :) Something that allows people to showcase their talents and abilities is usually a good thing.

    1. Its good to participate in such events where you can in some way show what you are good at :)

  2. Best of luck to everyone participating in this. :P


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