Thursday, December 20, 2012

Updating !

Its been quite long since I've posted something so just thought of giving a little update !
Actually at present I have lots of matter to post but just because of my exams I'm unable to do so.
Well for now just a tiny little post from my side...
Well I have added a gadget kind of thing that I have named as "My Favorite Sites" . Actually I had added this thing like a month before...
But at that time I had added only one site and that was my favorite Facebook blogging page.But it used to look quite empty ...I mean just one favorite site !!!

Since past one week I was thinking of adding two more favorite sites that I visit every time when I come online on my blogging page.That two favorite sites are "The Rambling Person" and "Whats on your mind monkey butt?".
No matter what but I visit these two sites every time I come online and love commenting on there posts!!!
Hope they see this post as well... :)
So finally today I got time to add them in my list...
I did this not because that list seemed empty..I added because they meant to be mentioned in that list...
I guess this much update is enough for now...hope get more time some day...have more to post!!! :)

Till then see ya!!!

Yeah one more thing...
Waiting for the various funny telecasts of news channels on 21st December because what I think is world will not end for sure... :p


  1. Well I did read this, so thank you :) Good luck with the exams. Post when you can.

  2. Awe Thanks Garima, I enjoy visiting your blog as well, can't believe that awful news about the gang rape. So sad!!


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