Thursday, December 6, 2012

Exam time..

Posting after a long time I think so.The frustration that I had (check my previous post That Facebook Notification!!!!  ) is now kind of over but still decided to not take part in any kind of activity in that group after all privacy has gone so not interested in posting any kind of stuff !

Now the story is that External Practicals are over...went unexpectedly awesome.

Now its time for Semester Exams,starting from 22nd December and ending at 16th January.

The sad part is that we have one exam on Sunday as well...oh God why !? :/
Anyways time for some serious study and preparations ... hope exams go well ! :)
                                   Will avoid this as much as possible ;)

Will try posting in between as well.

Till then see ya :)


Thank you for the visit :)