Friday, January 18, 2013

Just hate this !!!

Its very irritating , someone posts some sad kind of status on Facebook and when others ask "what happened?" , they say "nothing".

Very irritating...very very irritating!!!!

When you didn't really meant to share anything,the "actual" thing, then why did you posted such status.Mostly girls do such kind of things.Don't know why maybe to gain some "TRP's" I should say !

Yeah you are sad you need to post it off just to make yourself feel a little better.But seriously there is no use of posting like this when you don't really want to share the whole stuff,that thing will still bother you.

That's why its always better to share everything with your best buddy.Well when time changes priorities change (said by my good friend). But you don't have any other choice!

Just keep quiet or speak it up..either way...its only you who has to choose !

Getting sick of all such statuses even Facebook has stopped asking, "Whats on you mind?"  :D
Even Facebook is getting to know about the useless rubbish stuff going on in everyone's head !
Then it started asking ,"What's Happening?" That too people took very seriously I must say. Posting sad songs and sad quotes surely is an indirect way of telling that "yeah this is happening" :p
Just getting tired of all this Facebook now simply asks,"How are you feeling?" ;)

Anyways,I just really hate this and those who post such stuff everyday I've have just removed them from my close friends list.

Its simple,
"You are not in Close friends then you are not in notifications and I don't really care! "


  1. I only have one person in my close friends list. She's pretty much the only person I actually talk to or care about on there. I don't like people who post updates like that, and I only really have one person who does it. She annoys me no end. It's mostly done for attention, and almost never to actually share or solve the problem at hand.

  2. Facebook is a load of crap, just people posting useless crap and looking for attention.

    1. I really hate when such things happen on Facebook otherwise its good ...! :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I hate it when people act passive aggressive online.

    So I make sure to call them out on it. I literally will comment with things like "Stop being a passive aggressive attention grabber".

    They usually don't like that. :P

    1. haha..well that's little rude..but this may stop them from posting such things or they may prefer blocking you instead :p

  4. The Facebook part was funny :D sometimes I post something useless and I get so much attention and when I post something meaningful everybody ignores :)

    1. same here..useful stuffs don't generally get much attention over there!

  5. :D :D ! ! totally hate that .. i feel like that too xD . whine about things on status.. and when asked.. ' nothing' and i'm like ' seriously ? >.> " xD :D

  6. I understand your frustration Garima. Crazy huh? - Dave

  7. haha..thumbs up!! :P
    frustation and feelings!!! hell yeah they are mutual!! :P


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