Thursday, July 4, 2013

Annoyed !!!

At some situations you really get annoyed and feel like " aaarrggghhh just leave me alone !!!!".

For the past few days I'm feeling the same.That's just not because of some one particular reason or some kind of appears as if everyone is after me testing my patience !

First of all, my blog just got filled with spam comments in my absence and that too about 100.After months when I logged in before posting anything or checking out anyone's profile I cleaned up my blog by deleting those rubbish comments.Don't have any idea how this all just started.It is written in such a way that anyone can easily figure out that it is spam.

 One such spam comment I read on my blog !

Then the Facebook status update...well this problem must be with everyone that you cannot update what you really want, maybe because of the relatives you have added in your friends list you don't feel free to write because they care so much about what you are upto and what is going on in your life .Well that's not really a problem anymore because you can customize your status update as per your wish. 
The real problem comes when you update your status and everybody comments on it asking, "What happened?" as if you really care! When you don't bother about my life on daily basis then you don't have the right to ask anything when I am in some kind of problem.I mean, how can you expect that I will tell you what I am suffering from when you don't talk to me at all.Suddenly everyone becomes so concerned as if I am the most important person in your life and you will do every possible thing to make me happy.So please,mind your own business !!!  

My last complaint...

What you give is what you expect in return.That's quite obvious, isn't it?
You care...and the other person says the same.But the fact is you have to show that you really do! You share your each and every thought.You tell what's going on and that other person just listens to you and when you ask the same to them they just say "nothing" ... and then after some days you get to know something nice happened to them.
Well,yes! I am happy for whatever happened but don't you really think instead of hearing this good news from some other source you should have told me this before! Is it that you are not really interested in having some conversation or is it that you don't really want to share ?
Just got fed up with this now.So when you really want to have some talk you can message me I will be there because complaining the same thing again and again and reading all the replies doesn't make any sense to me now.Being your closest friend I don't really think that I am demanding too much that you can't fulfill. 
I hope I have made the right decision! (Readers advice is always welcomed,feel free to write if I am wrong in any way  )


  1. A blogger I follow posted wonderful 15 points of how to become happy. here is her post -
    Nice points if you see, it is just we worry too much at times... I hope you feel better and will be happier.

    1. Yeah I read that...thanks :)
      But what I feel is need a really big heart for following those points...isn't it?

  2. :p I meant to say Cool Down. . .

    1. :D It's okay ...even I got surprised a bit on reading your first comment :D ...yeah I'm feeling good now :) ;)

  3. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.....

  4. Sorry to hear things have been kinda rough. I have a ton of spam comments I really need to get around to deleting. It's also a shame that your friend isn't telling you as much as you would like them to. I guess you have to have trust in them though. Unless it's a good thing. I really can't think of a reason to not spread good news.

    1. Yeah these spam comments bother me a lot and yeah the problem has been sorted out! Now I'm happy :)

  5. Once I disabled the ability to leave anon. comments, the spam dropped off significantly. Sorry you've been having a hard time. Mercury is retrograde and that has a lot to do with it.

    1. I don't believe in such things..maybe a reason to think upon!

  6. Even this will change!
    Hard days, bad days -- there is always scope for good and easy days!

    1. Yeah..happy days are back...loving it :)

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