Friday, September 30, 2011

Life : Ups and Downs !!!

Well this is my first post so don't really know what to write and how to write so just thought of writing the life which I have experienced till date.
Even if we take example of anyone's life there will be no one in this world who has not faced any problems and has always been happy and satisfied.Life is full of ups and downs whether its ours or its others.When we take birth in this beautiful universe everyone loves us and takes care of us,the truth is that our childhood is the best part of our life.No tensions,no pain,no sacrifice only what we give and get is love.As we grow enter in teenage life our needs and responsibilities increases.We face some problems and make some mistakes that make our life stressed but at the end we realize what we did was wrong and certainly should not be repeated in future.Our life gets surrounded with books and our activities that we do everyday and makes us think what we want to become ? ... what is the aim of our life?....what's our ambition?...and when we are about to reach age 18 we realize our aim  and work hard to achieve it.In this journey we meet loads of people who become our friends and become an important part of our lives.Apart from our parents we find new relations and get close to them and also care for them but it is not important that everyone stays in our life forever.At some point something unusual and unexpected thing happens and that person disappears from our life forever and ever.But still life goes on.We enjoy the happy times of our life.we take pictures and cherish them for the rest of our life and even if we don't click pics those moments stay in our mind's and when we are idle or alone suddenly we start remembering those moments which then bring back the smile and laugh at our face.Apart from the happy times we also struggle and face problems that makes us shed some tears but ultimately we get to learn something from each and every moment that we live.
I am still enjoying my college life and still understanding my responsibilities and still getting connected to new people and getting rid of those people who don't care or don't even talk to me.Till this date i have realized one thing that our parents are the only one's who know what is meant for us and what is not.So its our very first responsibility to take care of our parents and respect their advices and decisions that they give to us.The second thing that i have realized in my life is that our problems will never end and till the date we will live we will learn new things even if we get old because its life and never know what u will get to face and what u will get to enjoy!!!


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