Saturday, October 1, 2011

Love...Break-up !!!

You meet someone...find them everyday...becomes your crush...becomes your love...propose...yes! get committed...your sweet and bitter relationship starts!

This is what happens in everyone's life.No one knows...why? but still happens.Our heart is so weak that we always at some point in our life need someone to take care of us and handle us.
I am not against this feeling and don't really want anyone to think against this beautiful relationship,because its part of our life.Some get so lucky that they are able to give their relationship a name in future but some just leave it behind realizing that whom they chose was wrong.
Some people assume its wrong to be in a relationship because you are not that big enough to handle one.How can one control his/her feelings which they feel for the one with whom they want to be?
Its natural and I guess everyone should feel this even if they feel like breaking up in future.I know no one wants to face this break up thing,but really its not in your hands,it just happens!
We find someone , share our thoughts,care for each other...all this makes us feel so nice but at some point you fight with each other a lot,ego comes in between and if it gets impossible to cope break up becomes the solution for this.On the other side even after so many fights they still stay with each other and understand each other and just live happily.Still if your relationship is meant to break it will surely break even after your loads of efforts.Its all in hands of our lord...our God.We cry because its hard to face the situation but if it is meant to be then no one can stop.Its like "everything happens for a reason". May be someone better is meant for must be that you are so nice you deserve some one much better than whom you had chosen .So its better to flow with the situation in which you are and try to be live happily , because in future if you find someone better you will always say thanks to God for making you end that relationship which was never meant to be...
This post is specially for the broken hearts because some are so strong that they get out of this easily but some are still there who cry and hurt themselves but never ever understand the true reason behind it.Hope this post will help them to understand!


  1. This is egxacleey wat a real world experience is like...hope this gives other enlightment.. :)

  2. Wow..beautiful...
    U hv bcm a writer.. :)
    good going!

  3. tks :) hope for the best ...!!


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