Thursday, June 21, 2012

Responsibilities ...

When you are a kid everyone takes care of you as if you cannot do anything all by yourself !
You say "Mom ,  I'm going to the market to buy some chocolates"
Mom says " Wait you stay let me go to the market , I also have more stuff to buy"

When you grow up...
You say " Mom , I'm going to the market to buy some chocolates"
Mom says " Wait here is a list of 2-3 items whenever you go bring that too! "

As you grow ...
you have to make your own snack for the evening,
you have to clean your room all by yourself,
you have to make phone calls to your teachers or college for any kind of queries,
you have to learn how to cook (may be little but still you have to know the basics),
and the list goes on and on !

As you grow , you start getting surrounded by many responsibilities!

This makes me realize the Spidey (Spider man) quote   :

                                   "With great power comes great responsibility."

The responsibility keeps on increasing !

My holidays started from 12 June and till date their has not been a single day when I had to do no work been told by my Dad or my Mom.I didn't really got any time for my self.

Wake up ..
Get ready..
Help out mom..
Do little Facebook , check your mails , write some post on your blog! ..
Help mom for the lunch..
Sleep or watch TV..
Again Help out mom or go to the market..
Do some work on the laptop given by dad..
Watch TV..
Help out mom for dinner..
Watch TV..
Go to sleep..
and the same schedule goes on and on and on...

Don't actually get time to message and have a little chit chat with my college friends !
Everyday I think ..
"Yeah tomorrow I'm gonna message them and have a little talk"
 but nope this tomorrow has not come yet !

Well on the Positive side "it keeps me busy" ...
But on the Negative side  "it makes me feel tired and I feel like was better if I still had to go to the college"...

But after all this is life...
Its better to move with it and be happy ...
otherwise you will end up in complaining all the time!

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