Monday, July 9, 2012

My Word...

The word that describes me !

I love being simple and love simple things...
My simplicity gets enlightened everywhere and I directly or indirectly represent it in what ever thing I do.
For example,
Lets take the incident that took place yesterday! I logged into blogger and saw a comment in one of my posts.I will not mention the name of the person,quite obvious! So,the comment she posted was obviously an invitation for following each others blog.I thought yeah I will follow hers so I  replied with "yeah sure". Then I visited her blog but I didn't add myself to her following list.Why so?
It was because a lot of things were going around in her blog.That was too much!
So many pictures...tune of some song was also playing around and much much more.At one point it became difficult for me to actually find that where the hell is the following part given???
Finally I just closed that tab and moved on...

No offense, but I don't really like such blogs!

There are so many other things too...
I don't like putting a lot make up.Just for everyday I use face cream and face wash.That's enough for me.I use make up occasionally like when you're going to some marriage or something.But still the make up I prefer to put on is very light.I don't even like using nail polishes, only like the invisible one's that give shiny look to your nails ;)

Love being SIMPLE :)  


  1. I agree with you in terms of the blog thing. If there are too many pictures, songs and videos playing in the back etc. It gives me a headache! And i'm similar to you as well in terms of simplicity of make up etc. Although I'm wearing nail polish today which I usually don't do :O :D

    1. Hehe..little changes are allowed sometimes :D

  2. Simplicity sure defines innocence and putrity of one's heart!
    Good to be that,stay simple! :)


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