Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Continues ...

After meeting everyone on the first day and attending the classes we were so happy we found an excuse to celebrate ;)
On the second day we bunked the college and went to the cinema to watch movie "Ice Age 4 -The Continental Drift" .
                                                      Movie of the Day

After the movie we decided to roam around in "Bangla Sahib" and "Church". You all must be wondering what Bangla Sahib is ???
Bangla Sahib is "Church" of sikh community in India (The simplest way to make you people understand) ;)
Had so much was so awesome !!!
                                                        Bangla Sahib

                                                  Having Fun :D

These will be our one of the "Never Forgetting Moments" ....


  1. OMG I want to see that movie, I've always loves the Ice Age movies. Lovely photos, have an awesome day!

    1. Yeah you should watch this one...worth watching :)

  2. Seems you had too much fun! And the Bangla saheb,is beautiful! Nice pictures! :)


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