Saturday, August 11, 2012

Concentration like never before !

Everyone says "I study on the last days before exams".
That's one of the biggest lie a topper says !!!
Never mind...
Everyone should just keep an eye on themselves only and that's what I'm seriously doing this time.Before I used to just study in a very relaxing and care free way(I don't know how to explain this) .
But know I've decided to get really very serious about this.I have only 2 years depending on which I can build my future !
So its time for some serious business and I have already started.
Hope I get much better results ...


  1. good luck, good luck, good luck for whatever your studying for :)

  2. Hoping for some good good results...lets see :)

  3. you're pursuing engineering right?
    well am doing the same...and i know how people usually do it!
    sitting one or two days before the exam..and finally you have only "shivani" as your savior!! :P
    but anyway..that's good that you've decided to take it seriously.. that's a boost up for everyone whosoever reads your block!
    good luck! :)

    1. yeah I'm doing the same in "IT".What about you?
      Yeah finally I've decided to work seriously now!

  4. P.S. this widget is really cute on your blog..i like it! ;)


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