Monday, August 13, 2012

Its raining !!!

July is considered as monsoon season and yeah little bit of August too.But every year we Delhi people feel like monsoon comes only on August :D
We hardly experience some rain in July and suffer from heavy rain in August.
Its raining like hell.Coming back from college to home has truly become an issue!
Every time I'm on my way home it always starts raining and I get wet  >:(
Well enjoy getting wet but not everyday.
From the last two days I'm trying to buy a pack of Maggi to have it as my evening snack but this rain is not letting me buy it.It starts to rain so heavily that without umbrella its very hard to roam around!
Suffering from headache at the moment and praying to not catch cold or else I'm gone :D


  1. Ugh on the rain. Ya need to get you an umbrella and not leave home without this month :) What's a Maggi? Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  2. Delhi ppl should be praising rains when they come,haha,I lived thr too. :P
    It gets frustrating when it's sunny,and rest iter cities r wet. ;)
    Enjoy it to the core,and get an umbrella,for yourself to buy Maggie!!
    In fact,get wet in it,click pictures! Have super fun.:D

    1. yeah having fun but regular rain is like "bohot ho gya ab bs bhi kro bhagwan ji" :D

  3. I know,specially when it's like pouring all the time,aa... Gets irritating! It's same here in Indore too you know,all day all night!

    1. Today its not raining :D "bhagwan ji ne sunn li"
      :p ;)


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