Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Ending :)

It feels good when all the issues get solved. Actually the way of solving that issue was quite extraordinary but somehow it all ended well in a proper way.

But still there is a long way to go!

Need to understand each other more,
and make things go right...
Need to open up ourselves more,
to avoid misunderstandings in someones mind...

and last but not the least...

Make those people shut up,
who didn't really meant to,
but still somehow succeeded,
in creating those misunderstandings ;)

Expect such things will never happen again ...

I'm able to say this with a smile (that too an actual one) ...

Happy Ending :)


  1. Things might not always end the way you want, but I'm glad this time they did, and it was a happy ending :) Simple misunderstandings are fixed quite easy, but you can also have some very hard to solve ones.

  2. You feel lucky that issues get solved and everything gets back to normal :)


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