Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My mobile journey ! :) (part 2)

Since I got my new mobile (that I have already told you at My mobile journey :) (Part 1) ),so now it has become an old one because I've been using this for I guess about 1 year.
After getting my second mobile and using it for so long I've got bored of all this.At first I was quite excited that yeah I will get a new mobile and will have fun and blah blah blah but now I feel like just keeping my mobile anywhere and keeping absolutely no track of messages or calls I am receiving as most of the time its on "Silent mode".
Now I use this only to text messages and make calls(that I rarely do)  ...that's it!
I even rarely send forward messages now.Whenever I feel like I have absolutely nothing to do then care to forward some message.
Now I just text to some very closed ones and yeah still get mad when I don't get a reply ;) .
I wonder if I will ever stop getting affected by such things!
Obviously it hurts when you message someone and get a reply next day. >:(
Heights of irresponsible people !!!

Yeah now getting back to the main topic...
Maybe its because I'm getting bored of this one and want to have a new mobile.But I was planning to get new one after completing my .
But still stick to my plan.Money doesn't grow on trees so its better to apply some brake when it comes on spending money.I'm really good at that though and this can be best explained by my friends. Hardly buy something but whenever I buy its something that I really mean to express what I feel for someone or its something that is very important and I feel like I should have it for sure! :)
Lets see when actually I will buy a new one  :)


  1. My contract is going to expire march 2013. I have no idea what i will do then :/ I'm so bad about spending money, or should I say, NOT spending money. I just can't bring myself to buy one of those super smart over priced gadgets anytime soon.

    1. Same here...buying over priced things is not my cup of tea :)


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