Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summer season !!!

Was watching Discovery Science (again :p) Its kind of becoming a regular channel for me just love watching it!
This it time it was about how summer season started or came to live on earth.
Millions and millions of years ago Earth used to be so hot that any kind of life was simple impossible ! It kind of looked like this :

The reason for this thing was that Earth’s axis was exactly straight up and down !
Scientists say that after the collision of Earth and Mars , Earth’s axis of rotation got tilted 23.5 degrees.

Due to this each area gets a turn to be warmed by the sun. This is necessary for life on Earth because life depends on the sun for light and heat. The sun also determines the weather on Earth, making the water cycle and carbon cycle possible.
So due to this collision Summer season came which led to birth of different forms of Life on Earth !
Cool right?
I wonder about winter season...they didn't mention about this at all !


  1. Well I think it's that when summer happened so did winter, that is a pretty cool story though. I'm fascinated by really old things like that, like how the Earth used to be one giant island until the plates moved and separated everything.

    1. Yeah same here...I'm also very excited about Dinosaurs..!


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