Sunday, November 25, 2012

To be or not to be ?

Sometimes you come up with such situations where it gets very hard to decide that you should be happy for what you gained or you should be sad at what you lost at the same time.

My friend got selected for some event ...very happy for him , but at the same time very sad because he will not be with me on a very fun day. :(

When he told me I was like "just don't talk to me" even now I'm in the same "not talk to me" mode :D
Its not that I am angry its just that I am not feeling like talking to him because everything was so unexpected and my heart just sank because of it :(

Gonna wish him for the event for sure!

Hoping to come back on my "happy happy" mode very soon...lets see ! :)


  1. If something good happens to your friend, but it means bad things for you, then it can be quite a conflict of interest. But, try to be happy for your friend.

  2. I agree, try to be happy for your friend. Hopefully they will make it up to you! :) - Hang in there!

    1. Yeah that has been sorted out :)
      Happy now... :)


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