Friday, November 30, 2012

That Facebook Notification !!!!

You get a very weird kind of feeling when you see something very unexpected.You think like "Why the hell did this happened?"..."Was this necessary?"...
and at last you just get helpless and try to cope up with the situation!
                    Same expression that I had when I read that notification!!!
Yesterday evening after a short nap I woke up and checked my Facebook Account through my mobile Facebook App.When I saw my First notification I was like "What the????"
Something very unexpected happened and I was so surprised and the whole thing was making me feel like "Why the hell on earth did this happened??? "
Two of my friends added some other friend (whom we don't like at all!) on our closed group of 8 close friends. I mean you guys could have just once taken others opinion before doing this. Even we belong to the group so our opinion and advice should matter.
That girl and I don't have really great relations (actually she does not have any great relations with anyone of us ) so I just can't openly speak to them for this because whatever I will say will just make them think in some other sense so I can't react to this stuff.But seriously this whole thing was very disappointing.
This made me really think that yeah we don't stand anywhere near at all.Its just you and your opinions that matter over here and not ours.
That was the only place where we all just enjoyed and used to talk all the ridiculous random stuff that no one could just think of and now even that place is gone!
I know I'm not dealing this in a mature way but that group really matters a lot at least to me and now whole privacy , fun everything is just gone.

I don't feel like participating anymore in that group.
Hope to get over with this soon!


  1. I think you have a right to be like this though. It was something for you and your friends and it seems it clearly meant more to you than to them. I think I'd feel the same if someone did something like that to me. It's the benefit of having only one person I really talk to on Facebook I guess.

    1. hhhmmmm maybe there is benefit of talking to only one person on Facebook but friends are friends it's hard to be without them :)

  2. That's very frustrating for you. I suggest you to give attention to your blog. By the way you have an amazing blog.

  3. I think you're right to have your feelings. Remove yourself from the group, that's what I do.

    1. That will be too much I guess...I mean why bother them...!

  4. I can understand your frustration but Facebook is getting worse, too! Without my permission or knowledge every entry to my Photobucket albums were there for all to see via my FB profile page. I'll have to make my Photobucket albums private now.

    1. Yeah it is necessary to take care of your personal info. and other things.Fixing up privacy settings is required !


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