Friday, February 8, 2013

* Sigh!!! *

Don't really know what to post.Actually was not feeling like to post anything out.Usually I'm very excited when I write something over here but since few days I'm like "what to write?". My last post was on 2nd Feb and today its 8th so thought that I should post at least something! This month is going "so-so" till now.Even my mood is not great.Maybe because I'm tired or something don't know.

Well actually not well so that's one of the reasons making me feel like to do nothing.Secondly till date since this month has started nothing has been going according to my script whether its about meeting friends or going college or just even celebrating my birthday !

Well if its about meeting friends none of us has spent enough time with anyone to have some fun its like you meet and you go home.
Then I don't really understand why this "mass bunk" thing is going so long !!! As if you are doing some great work at home :/ very irritating !!! I'm getting bored at home.

Then my birthday...didn't went according to what I planned.It was raining all day as if God was more happy than me !!!


Nothing going good ...

But still I did some good stuffs..

Completed How I Met Your Mother series till 7th season.Then 1st season of Big Bang Theory.Planning to complete 2nd season this Sat and Sun.

Everyone is planning to come from Mon so lets hope everything will go good from Mon.  :)


  1. hi, Garima! It's absolutely normal when you fall out of your schedule, we never can plan our actions for like 100%.So just take a rest and get charged from now sunny days which came.
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Well I do hope things pick up. I do say though that you shouldn't post unless you feel like it. If you want to post because it's been a while a simple "I'm still alive folks, don't worry" would do :) Enjoy Big Bang Theory though and I'm sorry your birthday didn't go so well :( Mine is in late Spring so the weather is often fine for it.

    1. Yeah it was "I'm still alive" post :D
      Weather over here at this time is also good but this time don't know what happened >:(

  3. I love Big Bang Theory!!! I hope you have a better month. January was a horrible one for me.

    1. Yeah even I like to watch Big Bang Theory...its great! :)

  4. i haven't been feeling up to writing either .. :/ i already got two topic to write about .. but still idk why i can't just get me to writing .. ugh ! it's so irritating.

  5. I understand how you feel Garima, when you don't know what to blog about. I have that problem often. Take a break and blog when you have something to blog about, unless you are exceptional and can discipline yourself to find something every day to write about...


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