Saturday, February 9, 2013

Creativity wins !!!

Its true...where there is creativity no one can stop you from getting appreciated for it !

Two of my friends though we don't talk much but still are connected and two other guys,Arindam Paul and Shantnu Das, together made an awesome video for competition in Tarang 2013 - the annual cultural festival of Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

Couldn't stop myself from writing a post for them.Just loved watching it.Actually I watched this video twice,just couldn't believe that my friends made this actually happen !

When my friend told me to watch their video I couldn't just take out time for this because usually I do my work through my mobile and don't use my Laptop much for this and the video was not available for phones.
So today I watched this and was actually amazed !!!

Truly a must watch video made by Arindam Paul  :)
Well done guys you truly deserve this to win and even if you don't win don't be sad because you truly won peoples hearts and do count me in them for this!!!

                The girl in this video is my friend Jasmine and the guy is Rahul.
         (Jasmine you are looking stunning and Rahul you are truly the smarty guy :) )


  1. That is a very good video they made indeed :) Excellent work by them, and I do wish them luck. It would be a shame if they didn't win, but they still did an excellent job they could be proud of.

  2. omg thanks alot garima ..m truly truly overwhelmed !! :D that was really inspiring :D lov ya loads..

  3. Wow, awesome video, looks very professional and well done. Deserve the win indeed.

  4. Oh my goodness, cannot watch the video.

  5. I hope they win that competition!

  6. thanks bt we did not as the topic was slow motion videos :) bt our video was appreciated the most..


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