Friday, March 1, 2013

Present !

Came here for attendance !

It gets difficult to manage everything when you are studying in some college or school.Anyways today I finally stood up and thought to put up a post and summarize in short whatever happened. get so tired,not because you study at home..this is so because the whole schedule is damn tiring!

But the worst part I face everyday is that I have to go home after college and not stay with my stupid friends!
That's very hard.

You have so much fun whenever you meet and then you have to leave everyone. :(
I wish to stay with them forever :/

We are organizing farewell for our seniors which at this point is like "its just going nowhere!".

 At the moment its just messed up! Hope everything fixes up in time :)

The last thing I would like to share is...

I hate it when two or more of my friends fight on something.At one moment everything seems so perfect but after sometime everything just screws up!
I mean why does such misunderstandings take place.You are friends and you've been good friends then why all this :(

 Anyways I'm still in a good position but for me everyone matters.I'm still living in a hope that the friendship that everyone used to share at the start will be shared again , will come back .... some day !



  1. I used to go into 'college withdrawal' whenever I went home for the summer too. It was hard to get used to being alone for a few months. Couldn't wait to go back!

    1. Yeah without friends everything seems empty!

  2. Well thanks to things like Facebook and instant messengers the people you say goodbye to in school and everything can stay really good friends. The good ones will find a way to stay around.

  3. Yeah can stay closer to many today with all the easy access, but it still is different to say the least when you aren't around them.

  4. stay in touch with them while you still can. Everyone drifts apart so quickly. :(

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