Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interest matters...

Usually I come over here,post something,comment on others posts and go offline.When I come again find some comments , reply them and that's it!

From my previous post I realized few things.

Firstly,whatever you post may be an interesting topic for you but it might not be for others.Yeah, you should post whatever you like but sometimes others interest also matters when it comes to earn out of your blog.

I don't receive same peoples comments every time and number of comments vary too.Maybe its because every one is not always online like me every time or maybe its because of the interest.

Some people commented on my previous post but few also commented on older posts on my blog instead of commenting on the new one.This was my first experience.

Secondly,the topmost posts on my blog contradicts what I think should be.
 Actually its very contradicting !
I don't really understand why Creativity wins !!! got so much views and reached the top instead of Its gettin brainy !!! and Monster (Stutter) Study ... .

Very weird !

I wonder why people don't prefer reading educational stuffs ... :/

Anyways hardly matters :)

                                                         Haha :D


  1. You just never know what will strike some people. Some posts of mine I thought were crap, tons loved, go figure. But if you make it fun and jump around to many a blog, interact and such, no matter what you put they will come.

    1. yeah very true..whatever you put up..everyone comments :)

  2. It's sometimes called marketing strategies. You have to be so specific to deliver what you want so that It will create a sense of feeling in our mind that it'll work.

    1. should make your post look interesting in some way so that everyone could just simple think of having a read :)

  3. Well I always comment on everything. I do try to make a post about something interesting and it's why I rarely ever make "diary" style posts where I share what happened in my day because I live a pretty boring day.

    1. My days are not that boring but yeah still don't have such an adventurous life that every day I could come with something to write about :)

  4. Because..I agree that people choose what they fancy.I like to craft, so the previous post took my attention. This post too, because it is relevant to my own blogger experiences.So no worries, carry on writing!:)

  5. Garima, i think that people will follow and comment on your blogs where the same bloggers receive comments from you. The subject must be something to be able to be commented on though - Dave

  6. That is true.
    Interest does matter,though a good piece of writing just needs a dim light of attention upon it and then it shines.
    You write real good stuff. No matter how you present them,I love reading all of them. :D

    Luck with you. :)


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