Monday, July 1, 2013

Feels great :)

It feels great when someone asks you,"Have you stopped blogging?".

Feeling happy  ...wonderful ...loved ...really can't decide !

Since I had stopped posting because of the busy schedule and due to some personal reasons as well , questions such as " Have you stopped blogging? " and  " It's been quite a long time you haven't posted anything new...why? " makes me know that how many are out there who actually enjoy reading my blog.Well the count is not much but still whatever the count is, it makes me happy.

The best part is when you start giving them reasons for not posting and at the end you ask, "Why did you asked so ? " and then they give you such wonderful replies and you are like " Why the hell I stopped posting? "

Well, I guess I will be not much regular in writing my heart out as I used to do earlier but yeah will write for sure. Currently I am trying my best to make some of my articles get published in an E-magazine. There is no such benefit in blogging or writing for some E-magazine or maybe it is...I have no idea,but what I think is one should not always look upon what benefits you get on doing some particular work , interest matters !!! 

So for now bubbyezzz and a big thank you to all those who appreciate whatever I write !


  1. Hi Garima
    Iam priya from
    thanks for stopping by my space, you have a nice blog, nice write up dear...
    Welcome back...

  2. It's good to see you writing again :) I love it when I go without writing something and people ask me what happened. There was a day I scheduled a post badly and it didn't go up, and someone commented on the post from the day before saying they hope I'm okay.

  3. I've missed you! Welcome back!

  4. hey darling!
    hope you'll keep on posting! thank you so much for your comment!


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