Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life Changes...[Part 1]

So far I've noticed that our life changes at each and every moment.The best part is no one actually notices it...even I realized this thing today " 21 December 2011 ". I remember the moment when I was actually the most innocent and sincere girl among the girls I had had met at some point but now?
Yeah innocence and sincerity is still alive but has got quite blurred in this whole journey and I guess its with everyone and not only me...
Priorities have changed...when i was a kid choosing a stuff toy was the most difficult decision for me and now choosing career,friends and other important and big decisions has just made our life busy.First I used to watch...

  and now I watch....
I realized all this when I started using Facebook Timeline and used this pic as my cover photo.
Time moves so fast ...I feel like two - three days before i was studying in my school and I have entered in my college life so early....but this is life and this is how it changes and gives us surprises.
At this point when I look at what I have achieved so far,I get to know that I have now found my real friends who are damn special and without them my life is just incomplete.I found some who is so much special than others without whom I can not even think of living and much much more..
There are still a lot of things hidden that I will discover in my future and will always cherish them and will share too! that's why I am writing this post in Parts...
The most amazing change that I found within me is that I never liked to read novels and blogs,used to find them so boring but now I like them a lot as if they have become a part of my life.So there are still more things left to discover and to share.Lets see when I discover more and post my Part 2 but for now bbye and take care :)


  1. Hey, nice blog! I couldn't agree more! :) I also didn't care much about writing before but now, I love it.

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  2. Thanks Sujana for appreciating so much :)


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