Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My mobile journey :) (part 1)

As I have started posting I feel like sharing each and everything from which I feel happy.Finally got a new mobile which wanted badly! I know for some of you its like "whats so happy in it? " but according to me its good to feel happy in small things because these so called "small things" make a big difference in your life.
So where I a new mobile yippee! My elder brother gifted me...and this was quite unexpected so I was really surprised.
This is my second mobile...Nokia x3-02 touch n type which is obviously a lot more better than my first one! ;)
It obviously appears to me as I am in some kind of mobile journey because after some years I will have a new one and I am really loving this.Don't really know that everyone will be happy on knowing this but i really wanted to share it!
see ya! :)


  1. It's always exciting to get a new cell phone!! :D Is the pink one your first cell phone? Cuz that one looks cool too!

  2. Yeah dts my first it did nt had much i like my new one more :)

  3. Well, Nokia's a better brand than samsung for sure :D ..I have a samsung phone now and I can't wait to change it! lol


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