Friday, July 13, 2012

Almost Done !

Finally my work as a trainee in Air India is about to come to an end. I've made my project report now its print out is to be submitted to the office so that I could be issued a certificate from my office based on the work I've done.
It was kind of fun because I was making a report all by myself for the first time.So it kept me busy almost for one month and thanks to that because for the first time I didn't get bored during my holidays.

I had joined Air India on 18th June and my training will end on 18th July.

Also planning an outing with my college friends.Hope we plan out soon successfully and have fun.Everyone is so busy so its becoming quite difficult for every one to manage out a single day!
Most probably planning for 17 or 19 July..lets see :)


  1. I really hope everything works out for you!!I wish you best of luck!!

    1. long time no see :) thanks for the comment Gewrge :)
      Even I wish the same...lets see ...


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