Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sitting Idle !

Sitting in Air India ...Idle !
My second last day over here and no work to do...
Completed everything and now will get my certificate on Friday !
Well actually I could have got this certificate today only but due to some difficulties over there they are unable to issue me the certificate today...obviously my bad luck!

Well apart from this finally 19th has been decided for outing by my college friends.Its gonna be kinda girls hang out ! Somehow managed to make one day out . Some are going to bunk there class some are going to miss there training and some are just coming for a little time because they can't afford missing out there class...duh !!!

But finally going out!!!! :D


  1. Hope you and your friends have a lovely day together :)

  2. I wish I had no work to do. I've been so busy lately. >< Nice blog btw.

    1. Well there is not much work for a trainee that's why I'm free...and thanks for following :)


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