Wednesday, July 18, 2012

That Awesome Feeling !

Yes...I'm talking about that feeling...

That very feeling you get...
When someone expresses how special you are to them..
When someone says that yeah you mean a lot to them...
When someone randomly messages you "missing busy?"
When someone asks "why the hell you don't message anymore?"
When someone I message after so many days and they reply "after so many days you have messaged...idiot don't you miss me"
When someone tells you that you are the only person to whom they share everything.
When someone does something unexpected for you and you get to know how much you mean to them !

That's one of the most awesome feeling one experiences and such things happen when you are away from your friends.At that time you actually get to know what you are to them!
At that time you feel like this was not expected at all and you respect them more for this :)

I wish this to happen all the time...its just so awesome!

I would also like to mention some other awesome feelings...

That feeling you get when you check your inbox and you get to know that someone has commented on your blog :D
This thing makes me very happy...

And last but not the least...
That feeling you get when you see that someone has added themselves to your followers list... :D
That is so awesome!!!!


  1. This is so "awesome"
    Nice lines !!

  2. Well you'll be happy to see you've a new follower here. Thanks for the blog love and have an awesome day! Curious how you come to find my blog?!

    1. I found your blog through some other blog..I don't really remember :p
      yeah happy that you're following back awesome ;)


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